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Examining AI Functions In Finance – How Does This Tech Help You Make Better Investment Decisions?

Kaiju Worldwide CEO & Global Chair Ryan Pannell joins Benzinga’s Aaron Bry, where he addresses common misconceptions about AI in finance, focusing on real-world applications and benefits.

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How Predictive AI Will Transform Investment Products

Kaiju Worldwide operates under the belief that the potential of predictive AI is limitless and is driven by the desire to create better outcomes for investors and industries through responsible innovation and common data standards. The company applies predictive AI across diverse fields, including investment management and maritime navigation. When it comes to investment management, it uses the power of AI across private and public investment funds, including ETFs, to unlock new value for investors.

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What is Kaiju Worldwide

Kaiju Worldwide is an ecosystem of technology research and investment companies that apply predictive AI in innovative ways to unlock new value for investors. Its diverse group of data and behavioral scientists, physicists, mathematicians, cryptographers, and software engineers use their expertise to invent new applications of AI for the markets and other ventures, making them broadly available to investors.

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10.2022 | Daniel Bukszpan

Meet Kaiju Albi Gjino Lead Backend Developer

While many companies are interested only in the immediate results, Kaiju has a longer-term vision. The aim is to develop a new breed of technologies that upend the status quo and lead the industry.

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07.2022 | Tamara Kerrill Field

Bronze men & fembots: AI in Greek mythology

I think human beings are hardwired to try to imitate nature, maybe even try to improve upon it, to be like gods.

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05.2022 | Daniel Bukszpan

Meet Kaiju: Rizwan Khalid, Senior DevOps Engineer Q&A

At any company, the culture is the most important thing, and Kaiju’s culture is very diverse. Also, management really listens to employees and encourages us to do whatever is best for ourselves and the company.

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