Thought Leadership


Can Anyone Build AI in Their Garage?

The concept of building a startup in your garage is deeply rooted in Silicon Valley lore. Apple and HP famously started from those humble beginnings.

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The Present Realities of AI in Investment Management

The clear value proposition of any novel technology can be elusive at the beginning; the shock to an established system of a completely new way of doing something creates a mix of excitement and confusion that can be difficult to quantify.

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21 AI Terms Every Investor Needs to Know

Investors have already been using artificial intelligence for decades

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AI in Investing

Powerful computer software that mimics aspects of human intelligence will transform investing.

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08.2022 | Tamara Kerrill Field

Global push: Kids as young as 6 taught to invest, save

What parents have learned about money, they’ve learned from painful mistakes they’d rather not have their children experience.

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07.2022 | Tamara Kerrill Field

Values-driven investing: even grandmas are doing it

The whole goal is to assure that investors work toward a livable planet.

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Consumers trust computers over humans to trade stocks

A new survey of more than 1,000 U.S. investors found that 78% of respondents trust algorithmic stock trading more than human traders.

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Even in the STEM age, a finance background is crucial

As in most industries, the technology kind of creeps up on you: one day, everyone’s using it. That doesn’t mean people aren’t necessary.

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02.2022 | Ryan Pannell

The Hidden Value of DEI in the Workplace

When people feel safe - when they feel valued, heard, and appreciated

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01.2022 | Tamara Kerrill Field

Millennials: The Generation that Changed Investment

There’s no denying that the financial sector is throwing everything and the kitchen sink at those younger than 40. Punch “ETF” and “Millennials” into Google and you will find an array of options, including a large number of niche funds that invest in so-called “green” stocks, or companies that promote social justice and global parity.

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10.2021 | Tamara Kerrill Field

AI Comes of Age

The AI landscape in the finance sector will become trickier moving forward.

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10.2021 | Tamara Kerrill Field

Gen Zers Are Investing Young, and TikTok Is Their Go-to

Where their parents may have turned to a financial advisor or their local banker, Gen Z investors plug into what they know best: TikTok and YouTube. The first generation to grow up in a post-internet world, nearly 40% of Gen Z investors surveyed said they get most of their finance tips from social media sites.

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08.2021 | Amy Alexander

Building On-ramps: Shared Prosperity Through Intentional Investing

Intentional focus on passing forward — propagating — tools for building an equitable landscape to inform investment choices.

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07.2021 | Amy Alexander

Is “Corporate Social Responsibility” Past Its Prime?

Equitable societies result from official and informal movements that prioritize ladders to economic opportunity that are embedded in organizations.

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06.2021 | Daniel Bukszpan

Sell on Rosh Hashanah, Buy on Yom Kippur: Stock Market Superstitions

People who work in finance are a hard-nosed bunch. They deal in numbers, dollar signs, and unvarnished facts, and they’re not likely to believe that supernatural forces govern the economy.

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06.2021 | Mario Emmanuel

Keeping Pace with the Market Evolution

We often think of financial markets as volatile, subject to constant flux and the whims of the times. Surprisingly, some market features are stalwarts of our financial system, remaining more or less constant over time.

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Processing Real-Time Market Data from Nasdaq

As an AI-driven hedge-fund, market data is critical for our proprietary trading system.

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05.2021 | Amy Alexander

Post-pandemic, the Case for Dynamism is Clear

Resilient societies are made possible through dynamism. At Kaiju, we explore the role of dynamism in fostering economic and social prosperity that is widely accessible. Here, you’ll find informative discussions on efforts to promote robust dynamism that radiates into social and civic resiliency.

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05.2021 | Mario Emmanuel

The Data-Driven Hedge Fund

It is estimated that 80% of all equity trading in NYSE is algorithmic.

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