We believe that responsible AI – including the use of common data standards to enhance AI capability and broad access for applied use cases and innovation - creates societal value.





Kaiju believes that predictive AI can deliver tremendous human benefit by enabling instant decision making, identifying invisible factors, and reducing human error. Decisions can be made with more accuracy, efficiency, impact and profitability.

We have created a unique engine of innovation by integrating our belief in intellectual diversity and applied expertise with a novel approach to recruitment and talent development. We fuel this ecosystem with an injection of profits generated by our predictive AI-powered investment funds.


Our Approach

Kaiju’s R&D is the cornerstone of our AI-powered trading strategies. We deploy a proprietary and critical risk-containment system that significantly reduces the risk of material capital loss. Our “buy the dip” ETF and Kaiju private funds use proven machine learning applications that seek to identify previously invisible investment opportunities while also minimizing risk to capital.


Our Lens

Our ability to hedge risk and identify invisible market factors makes Kaiju a strong and viable alternative to passive index investing for retail investors in today’s fast-moving markets. Our AI-driven investment strategies are not easily duplicable and are especially appropriate for family offices and sovereign wealth funds. In addition to trading, these models serve as the basis for predictive AI technologies for other ventures and industries.

Because markets are ever-changing oceans of data, we’ve engineered an ecosystem that excels in identifying and capitalizing on those shifts for the benefit of our clients.