Kaiju Ecosystem

With roots in authentic cultural lore

the word kaiju represents a force
for change that cannot be ignored.

Kaiju Worldwide

We are an ecosystem of technology research companies specializing in predictive artificial intelligence-based financial products to unlock new value for investors. We continually reinvest in proprietary research designed to develop new use cases for technology with direct human benefit.

Kaiju IP

Kaiju IP uses the power of predictive AI to enable instant decision making, to identify invisible factors, to respond to changes in market conditions, and to reduce human error.

Kaiju IP applies the same approach to inventing new applications of predictive AI in diverse fields, such as maritime navigation and control systems, in ways that enhance human capability and benefit society.

Kaiju Capital Management

Based in the BVI, Kaiju Capital Management is an Approved Investment Manager whose keen focus on performance drives both our culture and our management ethos.

We believe that if you’re not making a difference for your clients, you’re getting in the way: wasting their time, their resources, and their trust.

Kaiju ETF Advisors

Our Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Kaiju ETF Advisors uses AI with machine learning technology for active fund management – enhancing our decision making and uncovering unique opportunities in managing our ETFs. This innovative approach sets us apart, as we delve deeply into our imagination – and tap resources and capabilities beyond the reach of a typical RIA.

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