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Ryan Pannell

Ryan Pannell

CEO & Global Chair | Switzerland

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As head of Kaiju Worldwide, Ryan Pannell oversees a universe of companies and private funds whose operations span three continents and more than a dozen time zones.

Prior to this role, Ryan founded and served as CIO of Kaiju Capital Management, where he oversaw and participated in the creation of all strategies. Though no longer actively managing Kaiju’s multiple portfolios, he remains the chief architect of several proprietary strategies still deployed today, and continues to ensure they align with Kaiju’s Mechanisms of Reasoning® to achieve consistently high, risk-adjusted investment results. He brings to this work his prior expertise in Predictive Modelling, Algorithmic engineering, and Behavioural Finance.

Ryan’s scholarship and early career cover a wide breadth of experience. He was a pioneer in cryptographic web-based messaging technologies, studied theoretical physics, quantum mechanics, and cosmology, and enjoyed an early successful career in film and television before he switched gears and became a professional equities trader. This unorthodox mix of expertise in capital markets, technology, business, and the arts gives Ryan a unique, creative perspective on investment management and the novel applications of artificial intelligence in support of scientific trading.

While Ryan’s professional focus currently lies with Kaiju Worldwide, his philanthropic efforts are split between causes that hold profound significance to him. He provides assistance to indigenous peoples in his native Canada and is deeply committed to ocean conservation. Ryan has donated time and resources to local schools wherever he’s lived, supplying hundreds of digital tablets annually to local school children when his family lived in Barbados.

Ryan’s love of the ocean is reflected in his active sporting life. He enjoys stand-up paddling, surfing, diving (free and SCUBA), and sailing. He is also a retired competitive polo player.

Ryan lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland, with his family, and returns to Canada seasonally.