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David Schooley

David Schooley


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David is co-founder of Kaiju and serves as the Chief Technology Officer. He is at the forefront of the firms' technological and operational ventures, collaborating with market leaders such as ICE, NYSE, CBOE, OPRA, and Citadel. Under David's leadership, and with the combined expertise of his dedicated staff and CEO Ryan Pannell’s strategic vision, Kaiju has emerged as a prominent force in AI in Finance. David ensures that the company remains at the forefront of innovations and technological advancements.

Before joining Kaiju, David’s career consisted of over a decade of leadership experience in technology across diverse sectors, including cybersecurity, hospitality, and e-learning. He also spent much of his early career in software engineering. His self-driven studies in various technological and financial domains have been pivotal to his success, showcasing that intrinsic motivation and dedication can transcend traditional educational paths.

David's journey into equities trading in 2014 was marked by significant accomplishments. His synergy with Ryan led to the exploration of intricate investment strategies and the latest in AI technologies. This partnership culminated in David joining Kaiju in 2017, a move that propelled the company's growth by over 1,100%. His unique position as a CTO with strong financial industry understanding sets him apart in the financial world.

In 2022, David was instrumental in the launch of the DIP ETF, further cementing his influence in the industry. Managing a 100% remote team spread across multiple time zones, David's ability to harmonize and lead a distributed workforce is a testament to his managerial prowess, persistence, and patience.

Away from his professional commitments, David and his wife are dedicated philanthropists, supporting children in developing nations by providing essential meals. His love for nature and the outdoors mirrors his professional ethos—constantly exploring and evolving. David has also delved into Kyudo, the Japanese art of archery, reflecting his dedication to precision, focus, and the harmonious blend of mind and body.

David calls the bustling city of Tokyo, Japan, his home, adding a global dimension to his multifaceted profile.